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Denver has never been so interesting

Escape from the ordinary at Solutions Lounge and Escape Rooms! If you’re looking for an intriguing and fun outing with friends and family, try us. You’ll love our unique steampunk environment, which is the perfect backdrop for our one-hour Escapology® adventures. You’ll see that ours are unlike any other Denver escape room games. Sure, it’s a family friendly environment, but every puzzle you and your friends choose pairs perfectly with cocktails, themed to the room you’ve chosen. Do you feel like solving the Cuba Missile Crisis? Or does finding the antidote to the TS-51 virus sound like a better Snapchat story?


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Escape from the ordinary in our Denver escape room!So what exactly is an escape room?

In order to escape the room, you have to play a game. At Solutions, we have seven escape rooms, each with its own unique and challenging themed game!

What kinds of escape room puzzles do we offer?

The only similarity between the scenarios you can find yourself trying to escape is that the rooms are all at the same address and can entertain between two and six people. Do you have what it takes to escape the room?

Solutions Restaurant, Lounge and Escape RoomsWe have the most varied escape rooms

You can become an FBI agent, a sheriff in the Wild West or an innocent person framed for murder! Or would you rather play the president, an investigator or a high ranking military official? With problems as complex as the hats you can wear, we invite you to one of our seven rooms for a new kind of game—will you be able to escape? Solutions Lounge and Restaurant is a legendary live experience where you and your friends work together to escape the room you’ve chosen. We provide the absolute best escape room puzzles anywhere in town. Have the most incredible birthday ever, a next level date night, an outing with the whole family, or a bachelor party with games at our escape rooms.

Some are hard, some are easy, all are fun. Our rooms are also shared vs. private, meaning if you don’t book the entire room, you might be sharing it with other participants. It’s a great way to meet new people!

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Check out our restaurant for Happy Hour, and lunch or dinner too!

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