We’re Dedicated to Engaging Our Guests in an Adventure of the Senses

Solutions bar at nightSolutions Lounge and Restaurant featuring Escapology®, at 22nd and California in the heart of Downtown, is Denver’s first and only live-action escape room venue with a full restaurant and bar.

Devoted to elevating our guests’ dining and gaming experiences to new levels, our 6,100 square foot space boasts seven themed escape rooms and a 3,500 square foot dining area and bar with a Neo-Victorian steampunk design. Our escape rooms and restaurant are open six days a week, serving lunch, happy hour and dinner. Our desire is to inspire and entertain every person who visits.

Whether you’re looking for a fun happy hour, an enthralling puzzle-solving adventure or just some eclectic people watching, Solutions Lounge & Restaurant featuring Escapology® provides a space for fellow adventurers to come together and escape the ordinary.

Escape rooms brought to you by Escapology®

Live action escape rooms have been sweeping the nation over the last few years, providing an environment that challenges participants to work together using teamwork and clear communication. The objective is to solve complex puzzles and problems in a closed-door and immersive environment and make an epic escape from the room before your 60 minutes runs out!

Photo from the Budapest Express escape roomImagine this: you’re locked in a room with anywhere from two to six people. There are clues, riddles and puzzles hidden throughout the room in clever places. A ghostly voice explains your task and mission ahead and announces that you have one hour to escape. A frenzy of panic erupts and people begin scouring the room for clues that will lead to the ultimate escape. Before you know it, your time will be coming to an end. Have you figured out the key?

Part game, part theater, part team-building exercise, an Escapology escape room is the best way for people to learn about each other and themselves while having a blast. Now is your chance to step into an adventure filled with mystery and intrigue that will be remembered for a lifetime.

To top off the experience, Solutions Lounge and Restaurant offers signature craft cocktails and mocktails that have been created to match the themes of each of our individual games. When you wrap up your adventure, you can head to the lounge and enjoy one of these escape room-inspired specialty drinks. Then, you can celebrate with your teammates over your recent success—or plot your revenge to conquer the next one.


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